Life Coaching


1-hr Coaching sessions customized for YOU. If you want a non-judgmental, objective, and confidential coach to help you kickstart what's next and Lift your Life, I’m here

Divorce Doula/Transition Services


Let's work together to take the stress out of the many to-do’s related to a divorce or life change, and to help you move forward and celebrate your new journey. If you want in-person support at your most important meetings, I'm at your service as your own Divorce Doula.

Career Counseling


 Career counseling will help you explore your options and how to transition into (or away from) a fulfilling career to give you confidence and a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

College Completion


Trying to complete a degree, but worried about the potential challenges in your way? Let's talk about how you can juggle life's challenges while capitalizing on your strengths to reach your goals.

Appointments In-Office, via Phone, or On-Site


Coaching sessions are held at Life Lift's Shorewood location or via phone.  

On-site Transition Services are also offered with in-person support & advocacy at lawyer's offices, court house visits, or other client-chosen meetings.

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Lisa Nelson -  MSEd-PC, ICF-ACC

Experience & Training: 

  • ICF Coaching
  • Professional & Career  Counseling
  • Conflict Management
  • College Completion  Coaching

About: Coaching Services


Coaching: Start Lifting your Life Today

Feeling Stuck in your life?

Overwhelmed with a relationship change or life transition?

Having trouble getting what you want?

In a career or job that’s not a good fit?

Like a personal trainer, nutritionist, massage therapist, or sports pro, a Professional Life Coach or Transition Coach can help you make improvements in your life and feel fantastic.


Take control and plan for the future

When you meet with your coach weekly, bi-weekly or monthly  (1-hr sessions in-office or via phone) , you will have a partner who is 100% focused on YOU. You will co-actively create a roadmap on how to take your next steps to feeling great about who you are and where you're going. Rediscover what fulfills you and kickstart a better life.


Prioritize your time and relationships

Life can be stressful and stop you from realizing your natural capability and creativity. Coaching will help you prioritize what you really want and rediscover the tools you already have to maximize your accomplishments and enhance your relationships. Let coaching reveal your best self and kickstart your life.

About: Divorce Doula/Transition Services

Divorce/Marital/Life Transition Services

Life Lift’s Transition Services acknowledge the emotional and overwhelming drain of a dissolving relationship or life stage and how it can affect your productivity and decision-making abilities. Transition services provide you with confidential and objective support throughout your life or marital transition process, and services are customized to fit your unique needs.

  • When your family and friends are spent on their time and energy to help,  let your Transition Coach, be the supportive, objective, confidential partner you need. A transition coach can act as your objective partner to help give you hope and see through the emotional fog during: lawyer meetings, career & housing searches, paperwork, your transition tasks. 

  • Be smarter with your time, emotional effort, and money during this stressful time with the help of a Transition Coach. Using a transition coach can help you clarify what you really want and save you money by maximizing your productivity during time with your attorney or other paid professionals. Transition support can help you be prepared to accept opportunities that can move you forward with your new life. 

  • You don't have to do it alone. Having Lisa as your Coach (or "Divorce Doula") in your transition can help you feel more empowered and as you have an in-person partner at your most important meetings to help you make clearer, more logical and informed decisions and actions to lift your life. 

  • LIFT YOUR LIFE today. Start now and make your free consultation appointment.


How I can help as your Divorce Doula or Transition Specialist :

  • Provide insights for better decision making
  • Help design strategies and good habits for your new life
  • Organize your mounds of paperwork
  • Offer strategic questions to ask your attorney 
  • Review email and texts to your ex or other sensitive communications to people in your life
  • Offer In-person or phone support for court and legal meetings
  • Coach with exercises to help you rediscover your strength and happiness
  • Provide dating and relationship guidance 

What my clients gain from coaching:

  • Save money on exorbitant attorney's fees
  • Streamline the divorce process
  • Feel supported and worthy with a nonjudgmental, encouraging coach
  • Re-vision a new life with steps to get there
  • Build calm, clear, confident communication
  • Understand the triggers that lead to poor decisions
  • Learn to reframe reaction-causing situations
  • Feel more empowered and more capable of reaching goals
  • Rediscover one's strength and happiness

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ABOUT: Career Counseling

Does the thought of work tomorrow give you the blahs?

No need to continue feeling depleted at your job. Many people stay in less-than-satisfying work situations and need a change. Let's work together and kickstart your career today! We will explore your current work situation and discover how your personality, skills, strengths, and values align with your personal career satisfaction. With a fresh perspective, you can take steps forward toward a more fulfilling work environment that will make you feel excited about going to work.

Thinking about making a fresh start at work or with your career?

It can feel overwhelming to consider a change in your work status, or downright scary to consider making a fresh start.  By partnering together, we can combine hundreds of hours of career counseling  experience with your unique and valuable skill set to design a new course for your work life.  Schedule a free consultation, and we will talk more about exploring your career options, creating an updated resume, and knowing how to find a job in today's market. 

Get your mojo back and feel confident and excited about your contributions and accomplishments at work!

 Let's work together to explore your current situation and how a unique YOU can feel great about your work and make the contributions and achievements that you've always dreamed about.  Schedule your free coaching consultation and let's get started today!

About: College Completion Coaching

Stressed about the life challenges getting in the way of your success?

Let's talk about what is distracting you from doing your best, and create strategies to keep you on track.

Not sure how to motivate yourself?

Coaching can help you  get to know yourself, your strengths, and your dreams, so you can motivate yourself to complete your degree and realize your goals. 

Need an encouragement and accountability partner?

Completion Coaching can offer a supportive partner to bounce ideas off,  proofread your projects/papers, and hold you accountable to what you want to accomplish.  Let your coach see you through your degree completion!