Coach - Divorce Doula - Transition Specialist


Lisa L. Nelson - Life Lift Professional Coach & Transition Specialist

QUALIFICATIONS: By combining my Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling with formal ICF Professional Coaching Certification (UW-Madison) and Conflict Management Training, I act as a professional coach, divorce doula, and transition specialist to help clients move forward through their challenges by creating an uplifting, co-active relationship with my clients to help them lift their lives and be their best selves.

EXPERIENCE: By providing encouragement, advocacy, and support as a coach and co-active partner, I've helped 100+ clients rediscover their strengths and move forward through transitions with marriages, relationships, careers, and life challenges.  I provide coaching, divorce doula and transition services that include accompanying clients to legal and court appointments,  helping clients create new resumes or explore career options, and providing confidential and customized support to help clients realize a better future. I've been able to combine my 5+ years of experience in roles of Career Counselor, Transition Specialist, and Completion Coaching Coordinator to provide coaching and transition services in a private practice environment.

PERSONAL QUALITIES: I've found my natural strengths and fulfillment are with helping clients rediscover their strengths and realize their goals, My StrengthsQuest Talent Themes of  Individualization, Ideation, Strategic, Maximizer, and Positivity are a unique mix of personal qualities that guide my practice as a co-active partner who fosters fresh ideas and positive change customized to the unique needs of every client.